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What is Quarterfiler?

Quarterfiler is a program that creates paychecks.  In addition, it generates reports to help you complete payroll tax forms such as 941 and W2.


Is Quarterfiler for me?

That depends.  You have to have a working knowledge of payroll and compliance.  HINT:  If you are comfortable filling out forms such as your income tax return, then yes, you can use Quarterfiler.


How much will it cost me?

If we do your compliance, you can process/print as many paychecks as you want for FREE.  Please use the contact form to tell us your specific requirements.


What are the benefits of using Quarterfiler?

Convenient.  Do your payroll anytime, anywhere.  All you need is an access to the Internet.

Pay your taxes when they are due, not in advance.  The major payroll services automatically deduct and remit your taxes every payday although most small businesses do not fall in this schedule. Quarterfiler® gives you the option to pay your taxes when they are actually due.

Always up to date.  Buying, downloading and installing updates are history.

Easy to use.  Simple, proven design.  No confusing menu and sub-menus.  Lean, no bloat—only the features and reports you need.

Quick setup. Register, enter company and employee information and you are ready to start processing payroll.

More questions? 

Please use the contact form.